Classical & Opera Music Workshop

Members of the Atmosphere Glee Choir have been involved in Classical and Opera music workshops. On Sunday the 22nd February there will be a celebration of all they have achieved. If you would like to see what the choir has been doing over the past couple of months then do come along and find out.

The Classical and Opera Workshop will culminate this year in one extensive musical workshop and showcase session.

DATE: Sunday 22nd February

TIME: 3pm to 5pm

PLACE: Monty Hind Training Centre, Leen Gate, Nottingham

We hope this will give you the great opportunity to engage with other classical musicians, have a little social time (with parents /guests), and to have a go on our delightful range of instruments.

Following a series of workshops in November and December 2014, we aim to draw all the things we have learned together by inviting a couple of professional classical musicians to come and teach and share some musical delights with us, and to creatively explore musical improvisation with us.

  • Come and expand your musical knowledge and learn about some of the most famous classical and opera works!
  • Join in music making on an array of delightful orchestral instruments!
  • Come and meet new friends and enjoy the fun!
  • This is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and supported by Pulp Friction CIC.


  • Please let us know if you can come along by emailing:

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