About Us

Pulp Friction Story

Jessie wanted to get a part-time job in a fancy restaurant, unfortunately, it became clear that it was unlikely local businesses would be able to support her needs in a work environment. 

In 2009, Jessie and her mother Jill saw a pedal-powered smoothie bike at the Robin Hood Festival at Nottingham Castle, after talking with the owner of the stall they began to explore the potential of a pop-up smoothie bike for events. 

Jessie and four of her friends successfully applied for the Youth Opportunities Fund. Using money from this grant Pulp Friction was born, they bought:

  • A smoothie bike
  • A laptop 
  • A mobile phone

At an event at their local youth club, a parent invited Jessie to bring the bike to his family BBQ and was willing to pay for this. Jill began to see the potential of the smoothie bike, in 2011 Pulp Friction became a Community Interest Company. 

Pulp Friction Smoothie Bar began to attend multiple events, including school fairs, youth clubs, playschemes, community festivals etc. Allowing Jessie and others to gain valuable work experience, work as a team and build friendships. By 2014/15 Pulp Friction was a running business, all money earnt was put back into the business.

Where we are now

Pulp Friction has diversified as it has grown from one smoothie bike we now operate in a number of different settings.

Community Events

  • 3 Smoothie Bikes 
  • Ice Cream/Sorbet Bike
  • Ice Cream Tricycle 

Catering Enterprise

  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service Canteen 
  • NFRS Service Development Centre 
  • Pulp Friction Travelling Kitchen
  • Cooking Up A Future 
  • Nottinghamshire Police Service

Environmental Initiatives

  • Dig In Allotment 
  • Polytunnel 
  • Wormery 
  • Fare Share and Supermarket Schemes 

Education & Qualifications

  • Food Hygiene Qualifications 
  • Customer Service Qualifications 
  • First Aid Courses 

Social Activities

  • Atmosphere Glee Choir 
  • Dance Syndrome