“On my first visit to Pulp Friction I was blown away by the set up, I shed a tear when I left. The ethos is amazing and the people who attend and work with Pulp Friction are all amazing.”

“There should be more places similar to Pulp Friction for young people that can struggle to fit into society. A place with people who care and understand needs of its individuals really does bring out the best in them, providing independence and insight into life skills and employment.”

“I hope Pulp Friction as a service can one day be provided for all young people, you cannot put a price on self-worth and having a real purpose in life. Pulp Friction makes individuals feel valued and respected just the way they are.”

“We could not imagine life without Pulp Friction, my daughter/son has come on leaps and bounds. Something no school or work experience placement has previously provided due to my daughter/son’s short concentration span.”

“It is lovely to meet people with similar experiences to my own, I have learnt more from other people than I have from anyone else (the council, social services etc).”

“Pulp Friction is a bit like shopping at Harrods, you know the product is well thought out and will be amazing.”

“Pulp Friction bridged gaping hole that existed for daughter and our family.”

“Pulp Friction give hope and a sense of purpose, they are the epitome of acceptance, the fire service has learnt a lot from Pulp Friction.”

Chris Emmott has supported Pulp Friction since they first moved in to the NFRS Canteen, he is happy to support Pulp Friction in their move to the Joint HQ. 

“It’s a lovely way to start the day, when I fetch a coffee I am welcomed by the members, they are pleased to see you, It’s a nice welcoming environment and a well-run social enterprise.”

Matt Simsey – Equality and Diversity Officer at NFRS regularly uses the canteen.

“The model of Pulp Friction is diverse and non-traditional; it is a great model that should be shared with all. If you think outside the box you can often find more effective ways to do something than the standard models. The holistic approach and empowerment of members makes it so successful.”

Kathy Holmes, first worked with Pulp Friction when working on a project to build a community allotment in Stapleford. 

“Pulp Friction is a stable and supportive environment that promotes independence, empowerment, awareness of abilities and transferable skills. They ensure that each person at Pulp Friction feels valued within their community.”

Maureen Riley visits Pulp Friction on a weekly basis, and feels the inclusivity is contagious, she feels so welcome whenever she is at Pulp Friction regardless of whether or not she is on their payroll. 

Maureen previously ran a supported business for adults with learning difficulties and/or autism. She admires the work ethic of Pulp Friction, creating an environment that mirrors that of a supported business, the hard work they do is both ‘impressive and powerful.