Gresley Male Voice Choir to Raise Funds for the Atmosphere Glee Choir

01/19/2016  |  No Comments

The pride of South Derbyshire Gresley Male Voice Choir are proud to announce they are helping to raise funds for... more

New Year, New Initiative

01/08/2016  |  No Comments

New Year and our new initiative, Pulp Friction Kitchen & Canteen, has begun! Based at the Notts Fire & Rescue Services... more

Outside Catering grows for Pulp Friction

11/30/2015  |  No Comments

Pulp Friction is taking on more catering events in the local community with customers ranging from The Royal Society of... more

Super-Kitchen, Wednesday 25th of November at Inham Nook Methodist Church hall

11/23/2015  |  No Comments

Come and eat with us this Wednesday between the hours of 5.30pm and 7pm and treat yourself to a three... more

Pulp Friction Based at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue HQ

11/09/2015  |  No Comments

Pulp Friction is now based at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue HQ in Bestwood, Nottingham. We will be running the HQ canteen... more

Pulp Friction helps reduce food waste and feed local communities

10/09/2015  |  No Comments

Pulp Friction runs its 'Superkitchen' events using surplus food that would have otherwise have gone to landfill or been incinerated.... more

Harvest Moon – Kirk Hallam 26th September

09/23/2015  |  No Comments

After a busy summer, Autumn begins a change to the focus of our work. We will be catering for over... more

Pulp Friction: Super Kitchen Event 12th August

08/05/2015  |  No Comments

As well as attending events across the county running the Smoothie Bikes our third Super Kitchen will take place on... more

Pulp Friction: the Social Enterprise Blending Bikes and Disability Inclusion

08/05/2015  |  No Comments

Steve Allman has written an article about Pulp Friction which is being used to promote Social Enterprise work in Australia.... more

Praise for Pulp Friction from Australia

07/10/2015  |  No Comments

'On behalf of the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia and our cohort of 18 disability sector leaders I would like... more