Pulp Friction Partners with Dance Syndrome who are a Lancashire based charity led and founded by individuals with learning difficulties and/or autism.

Dance Syndrome provides training for individuals with learning difficulties and/or autism to become dance leaders. Dance sessions are co-delivered by a paired professional and trained dance leader. Pulp Friction set up a performance group and runs on a weekly basis. Catherine Chivers is Pulp Friction’s dance professional who runs our performance group every Wednesday at her dance studio Manor Arts in Beeston. She is also working with Pulp Friction and our dance leaders to work towards co-delivering dance sessions to the local community.

“The staff are so patient, organised, consumed and committed to ensuring everyone is looked after and learning through fun and art.”

“Without Pulp Friction we would not have a social circle or friends, it has brought both my daughter/son and I a family. It’s very good for our mental wellbeing and has brought a happy time into our lives on a weekly basis.”

“My daughter/son’s confidence has soared; they love being a part of a friendly group of people that we trust.”

“Positive impact on my daughter/son’s life, it’s provided friendships and new skills, a good use of time”

“Helped with independence, making friends, maturity, having fun and enjoying life.”