Pulp Friction works closely with Fare Share, the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. Pulp Friction pays an annual subscription fee of £1,900. In return Fare Share make weekly deliveries of food, which would have otherwise gone to waste, Fare Share has delivered 22 tonnes of food to date this year

Pulp Friction has saved £38,000 of food waste and feed over 10,000 people a year using this food.

Food is delivered to Pulp Friction’s base – NFRS HQ in Bestwood. We then distribute the food across our venues: NFRS Canteen, Ollerton SDC, National Justice Museum Café and Pulp Friction’s Travelling Kitchen (Smoothie Bikes and Buffets).

We also collect food from Lidl, Tesco and Marks & Spencer, food that would otherwise go to waste.

We do not throw food away. The food we are unable to use is recycled through our Environmental Initiatives Plan-It Compost and our on-site worm compost bins. We work closely with the Urban Worm

We actively try to reduce our carbon footprint in everything that we do.