I liked doing Pulp Friction, it was good meeting new people. It was helpful for me and I got a new job.

—Scott Brown – Pulp Friction’s first volunteer!

What a success! Since taking on the fruit area at DIG IN Community Allotment, Pulp Friction has worked tirelessly to tackle the weeds, shape up the growing space and plant in various fruits.All the hard work, dedication and creativity has paid off with a wonderful area to grow the fruit to then be used in the smoothies.Its great working with Pulp Friction- a great bunch of people.

—Kathy – DIG IN Volunteer

The Smoothie bar project is an excellent opportunity for young people/adults to increase their confidence and social skills. it is a fantastic concept and has loads of hidden benefits, for example health

—Lisa Barker – Senior Manager Notts Clubs for Young People

I like doing Pulp Friction, I do cleaning and put the rubbish in the bin. It has given me more confidence.

—Jessie Carter-Kay, Director – Pulp Friction Smoothie Bar CIC

I’ve been with Pulp Friction for a year now and when I first started I wanted to build my confidence skills up more by serving the customers. I go to local places and other locations too helping out with the pedal powered smoothie bar. The smoothie bar with a pedal bike is different to what I’ve seen before and when I saw it at the event last year I knew that’s what I wanted to help out on.

—Claire Swain

Hi Jill Just a quick message to say thanks for yesterday. It was a brilliant experience for all of us and, we hope, for you. The weather got better later and we ended up staying until about 7.00pm. We reckon we ‘engaged’ with over 2000 in some way or other and gave away around 700 cakes, 100 balloons, 100 flowers and loads of sweet and other stuff (on top of all the smoothies you did).

—Event visitor

I'm just writing to say thank you for today! I was walking through Nottingham mid morning on a normal rainy overcast Saturday and came across you guys. I must admit my first instinct is to be on the defensive when people just approach me in the street and so when a guy offered me a smoothie I said no thanks and kept on walking, avoiding eye contact and only half listening really when he mentioned something about a 'random act of kindness' - so sure he would be selling or advertising something. But then half way down another street I bumped into two girls walking round the corner who offered me a free chocolate brownie, talking again of a 'random act of kindness' . This time I was slightly more prepared (plus I have to admit, it's pretty hard to ignore two attractive girls giving away chocolate brownies...). After a very brief chat checking whether I was allergic to anything they carried on down the road and I went my on my way with a smile on my face eating a brownie and thinking about what a strange morning this was. The whole encounter has certainly had me thinking for the rest of the day, and what a shame it is that genuine acts of kindness, like you were all involved in today, are so unusual these days that our first thoughts are often ones of suspicion. But thank you for making me think, and be open to the fact that there are good people out there and that we should all try a bit harder to be decent human beings to each other. So thanks to the two girls, to the cook that made those cakes and to the smoothie guy I ignored (sorry about that!). I certainly got more out of a morning shopping trip than I expected!


Hardeep is on the Wright Stuff (Channel 5) this morning and I think he will be mentioning Pulp Friction, if you are watching but he will also be appearing on a few other episodes besides today's. I'm so sorry I didn't give you more notice, I have been running around like a headless chicken all week with temp job taking over!  http://www.unbound.co.uk/books/a-month-of-sundays Jill, I wanted to especially say how impressed I was at your organisation and hard work and I heard many others remark on what an amazing person you are to have pulled off the event and I wanted to commend you for all the work you do. Thank you for a fantastic day.

—Jules, Hardeep Singh Kohli’s PA

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